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Huber, originally from a farm in Kingsville, MD, developed a profound love for classic rock, influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and Queen from listening to 100.7 GRX during his farm days. His musical palette broadened over the years, embracing 90’s grunge and alternative. At Perry Hall High School, he initiated a basic radio station and later attended Towson University, majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on radio. Starting as an intern at WIYY in 1998, he rose to Assistant Program Director until 2017. He then joined 100.7 The Bay as the Program Director and afternoon host, shifting to mornings in 2022. Passionate about music and food, Huber’s mantra is, “Take something ridiculous, and treat it as seriously as possible,” humorously noting one shouldn’t trust a skinny chef or a music fan with perfect hearing.

We are having so much fun in Disney World!

My favorite ride so far has been Rise of the Resistance.

What is your favorite ride?

#rides #amusementpark #disneyworld #familytime

One of our amazing listeners, Alex from Pasadena, sent this in today.

Don’t worry, the Friday Morning Blastoff will make its return next Friday at 8am!

But for now, I’m going to blastoff into vacation mode! Happy Friday everyone!

#friday #weekend #blastoff #memes ...Alex Schwab 100.7 The Bay

Now that I’m full vacation mode - what is the WORST vacation you’ve been on?

We had a fantastic time this morning with Bryan from The Sound Garden to talk about National Record Store Day on April 20th!

Check out everything they have going on to celebrate below!

#records #vinyl #music #musiclover The Sound Garden

With my Disney trip coming up, I want to know. Who’s your favorite character?

I ran into a listener while getting my allergy shot and was disappointed I could not remember for the life of me. LOL. Check out the full video at the link below!

Thank you Goose Ridge Soaps, LLC for coming in and bringing the best homemade soaps I’ve ever used!

We are looking forward to seeing them again at our Paws In The Park event on Saturday, May 11th!

Head to their website and enter promo code THEBAY10 to receive a discount on ...your order!

For more info:

This is going to be huge! Be sure to head on out as we broadcast LIVE!

It’s Tax Day! Did you wait until the last minute to do them?

Who is on your bucket list to see live in concert?

What’s your favorite game to play during game night?

How do you feel about mixing M&M’s and Skittles in one bowl?

What’s the grossest thing your partner does… but you accept?

What is the best way to cook eggs? Scrambled, Deviled…