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Huber, originally from a farm in Kingsville, MD, developed a profound love for classic rock, influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and Queen from listening to 100.7 GRX during his farm days. His musical palette broadened over the years, embracing 90’s grunge and alternative. At Perry Hall High School, he initiated a basic radio station and later attended Towson University, majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on radio. Starting as an intern at WIYY in 1998, he rose to Assistant Program Director until 2017. He then joined 100.7 The Bay as the Program Director and afternoon host, shifting to mornings in 2022. Passionate about music and food, Huber’s mantra is, “Take something ridiculous, and treat it as seriously as possible,” humorously noting one shouldn’t trust a skinny chef or a music fan with perfect hearing.

What is another word for "drunk"? The English Dictionary has 546 words for it.

Huge congrats to Pic from Parkville who won Pearl Jam tickets this morning!

Tune in again ALL DAY today with Colleen Carew On Airand Producer Matt Weitzel for another chance to win your way into the show!

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100.7 The Bay

KFC has unveiled the “Chizza” a combo of chicken and pizza. Would you try it?

We found out that Social Goddess aka mini horse has an obsession with Frankie Valli.

I used to play this song all the time during DJ sets.

What song gets you on to the dance floor?

Check out the full video below and tune in tomorrow at 7:10am for a new edition!


It has been two full days since N’Dub has had the Dew. Let’s see how long he can keep this up!

How many days do you think he will make it? Comment below.

#mountaindew #soda #guess #sugar

N’Dubs has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Which means he can no longer have the culprit of this disease. It is a sad day indeed for N’Dubs.

Enjoy this rare photo of him holding the very last bottle he will ever drink.

#rip #soda #mountaindew #healthcare #morningmotivation added 327 new terms, including “girl dinner”. What else do you think should be on the list?

Last week we talked about what you would grab if your house was on fire (besides family and pets).

Let me tell you, our texters sure are nuts sometimes!

Thank you for listening and supporting the show! We love reading all of the texts we get every morning.

We will be ...back live tomorrow 6am-10am, be sure to tune in and text us!

In case you didn’t know, I’m on Instagram!

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Besides family/pets, what would you grab if your house was on fire?

Which character from The Breakfast Club are you most like?

We discussed this on this mornings edition of On This Day.

Tune in again tomorrow at 7:10am for a brand new edition!

Full video:

100.7 The Bay #OnThisDay ...#TheBreakfastClub

Thank you Chris from Maryland SPCA for coming in with Piper to talk about their latest upcoming events!

Check out their website for more info on how to adopt this adorable pup and to get tickets to their No Place Like Home Gala happening on February 24th!

N’Dubs is still sick and coughed all over the screen. Social Goddess Alex aka mini horse is going to flip out.

#germs #sick #cough #sneezy #bts

Happy Valentine’s Day! Forgot to get a card? Don’t worry, Huber In The Morning has got you covered.

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