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Monday – Friday / 10 AM – 3 PM

Once upon a time there was a music-obsessed young girl who put in the work to make sure that her career path would revolve around songs, artists and live shows.  I certainly have lived the dream and I’m so fortunate to come back to my favorite radio station to continue the journey.  It started in Ocean City in the late 80’s working at 100 KHI, 96 Rock and 93.5 The Beach.   Those were the golden years for me in that there were not many females in radio back then. Stops along the way at 98 Fame in Poughkeepsie and WGTR in Miami led me back to Baltimore to work at 98 Rock as their “full-time part-timer.”   I eventually put down roots at 100.7 The Bay – first in mornings with the great Chris Emry and then middays until 2017.  I had to step away for an extended “time out” to take care of my Dad in Ocean City.  Lucky for me, I stayed in the music biz and got to work with some amazing, fun people at Ocean 98 while I was there.  I even moonlighted as a tour guide at Seacrets Distillery which was a blast.  I am beyond thrilled to come back HOME and rock the airwaves in the early morning hours at The Bay.   When I’m not doing that you’ll find me practicing yoga, reading rock’n roll autobiographies, bike riding and/or playing Pickleball or Pictionary. Email me at  Namaste!

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Plan on seeing any concerts or live, local music this weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

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going to Sammy Hagar and Loverboy, thanks to 100.7 The Bay

Going to see a great band Sat nite at the Iron Lion in Hanover Pa band called Lodi play lots of CCR rock on

Yup!!! Sammy Hagar and the boys! RIP Eddie

Would love if Joan Jett would just pop into my backyard

Hopefully going to see a band called Brothers Again a tribute to the Allmen Brothers in Deland Fl

Four Pocket @ Perry's, Odenton

Once a month @ Pusser’s until they close: TimmieTambo Band in the banquet room 🎶🥃🎼 HOWL @ The Moon Party. THURSDAY’S

Spike & Tom (finally) land on The Moon! Friday night & SAMMY HAGAR The Best of All Worlds Tour with special guest Loverboy Saturday night!!!! 😃❤️🎶

Next weekend aka the 27th I'm photographing and seeing O.A.R. & Fitz & The Tantrums 🥰

Yes, Suzy Lenox and Alex G Lee playing at Gina’s Cantina

The Pretenders

Starship and Rick Springfield at the Delaware State Fair tonight.

Sammy Hagar on Monday in Saratoga, ny

Not this weekend, Colleen, but I am looking forward to Kansas on 8/2!

Friday, Charles Parker at woodies river roo

Eclipse at Urbana Carnival

Third Eye Blind


SAMMY HAGAR The Best of All Worlds Tour with special guest Loverboy

One of my favorite local music powerhouse, The Roommates, has a return gig at The Burning Bridge Tavern in Wrightsville this Saturday. Can’t wait to see them.

The Fabulous Hubcaps at The Carroll County Farm Museum on Sunday! Gates open at 5pm show starts at 6 pm☺️

Sammy Saturday!

Sammy Freakin Hagar 🤘🤘

Reagan Years

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What was the craziest purchase you ever made on Amazon? ... See MoreSee Less

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Face lift tape lol

A friend of mine ordered coffee and when the package arrived and she opened much to her surprise they sent her a wig. How you mix up coffee and wigs I do not know. I very rarely ever order from Amazon. I prefer to support the local economy

Can-o-cockroaches to feed my bearded dragons

Probably waterproof dog boots.

Mail order bride. Good thing they had a 90 day return policy.

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Year and destination. What was the best family vacation you ever took? ... See MoreSee Less

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Disney world of course we have been there a few times so I can’t remember the years it’s great when you get to act like a kid again with your own kids actually going in august again

2001 Hershey Park for the weekend to enjoy the park and to see Bon Jovi in concert. We all still talk about all the fun we had along with a few misadventures.

When I was a kid back in the 70s, we went to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Snorkeling in that clear water was an all day affair for me.

Family, Maine in a pickup truck with a cap. My sister and I rode in the back and we camped the whole time in Acadia National Park. 1985ish. Best overall, Ireland, 2023.

Summer, 1997. Happily married, our three kids were small, and we drove to Maine for ten days. ☀️

When my father purchased a new car and we drove to Wally World

August 1980 San Diego w parents June 2005 NiagaraFalls w kids

2015 OC Whole family, including granddaughter, were able to be with us

2023 - Austria, Germany, and Czech Republic. Christmas Markets at every stop.

Cruise/Disney World trip! My Mom came along and we partied it up while the kids had a blast! That was 1995!

Every trip to Disney growing up

2018, Creata Maris , island of Crete, Greece

Summer in the Côte d’Azur

2009 florida keys

Grand Cayman Island 🇰🇾 🏝 2017

2022. Moab

Florida trips from BAL every Winter when I was growing up as a kid. In the 72’ VW Bus pop-top with two Jack Russells, my Mom, Dad & Sister w/ Credence and AC/DC in the 8 track. Kiel (Keel) - Glen Burnie.

2008 Disney World

2008 In the Philippines 🇵🇭


2017, Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. It really is an amazing time and place to visit.

2010 Disney Western Caribbean Cruise.



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What was the highlight of your weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

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Cleaning Up My Apartment More

Showering Colleen Carew and friends with music at The Stables! It was great seeing you. Cheers!

The Sphere for Dead and Company!

Watching orioles pull off a miracle yesterday ⚾️

Swimming pool at arterliery ridge camp ground n some live music at battlefield Harley.

Getting to see two ASIA shows and spending the weekend with my wife!!!

Cookout w/friends and Orioles victory yesterday.

Went to the Owings Mills BCPL ...and watched our teen participate in a sour candy taste test was pretty cool - some of that stuff sounded pretty gross to moi...but those kids knocked it back and talked about it like it was fine

Going to a Korean BBQ for the first time.

Showering numerous times 100 degrees

Lounging and grilling at the community pool while catching up with friends after vacation.

The beach,and seeing Sammy Hagar

My first grandchild was born!

Coming home and relaxing after being gone for two weeks

Getting a long overdue haircut and beard trim

Being with my love and grandchildren 💗

Daughters Baby Shower!

Family visit in Winchester Virginia.

Being in Ocean City Sitting on the beach for a week does a body and mind good 😎

Inside drinking cold beer.

Pontooning with friends here in TN.

Actually accomplishing some things in my house.

Cygnals Rush cover band at Fallston Barrel House Saturday night.

Spending time with my husband last night at The Collective Encore seeing Girlfriend in a Coma!

Not working

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Slow down Summer! How are you spending this weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

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Dealing with the "it happens in threes" curse and getting some appliances replaced and installed.

Pool party!

Playing Acoustic Guitar at Elk Run JohnnyCole 2 to 5

I owe, I owe, so off to work I will go

Staying home with my hubby and Baroo George!!

My wife passed on July 15, 2023 In her honor I,m spending Saturday in OC where her ashes were spread.

At Rehoboth Beach.

Relaxing with the old lady

Sunday morning with the Orioles.

Summer is Overrated bring on Fall!

Hubby's birthday celebrations and a pool party!!!

Getting ready for school first week of August.

Praying for frost

Lawn work!!

Tom Hunt Thursday night and Third eye blind Friday night!

Daughter and boyfriend visiting!

Westminster Pride Festival ! and working East Main Antiques & Fine Furnishings

Kent island w/great friends 😎


Just chilling at home no plans!

Two Suspects land on The Moon! Friday night, grandkids birthday pool party Saturday, hopefully motorcycle riding and/or NEVER NEVER SUNDAY FUN-DAY to close out the weekend! 🙂

Celebrating my Birthday!

Cook out Saturday

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Yea, I'm a fickle girl. Look at me now ~ trying out the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer from Antwerpen Chevy in Eldersburg. This one may be the keeper!
Antwerpen Chevrolet
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Yea, Im a fickle girl.  Look at me now ~ trying out the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer from Antwerpen Chevy in Eldersburg.  This one may be the keeper!
Antwerpen ChevroletImage attachment

17 CommentsComment on Facebook

I had one as a rental recently and liked it

Good luck with the vehicle, Colleen!

I love my 2023 Chevrolet Trail Blazer!!

That's nice it's terrible looking for a new car ugh the decisions good luck

I love that color

That’s a nice ride.

Love the blue

Looking good!🎧🎤

Girl ! You need the dodge Hornet. Its the sister to the Alfa Romeo Tonale ..

Looks like a keeper!

Luv the Blue

Porsche!!! There’s no substitute!!!




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It's Crabcake Fest ticket Thursday! Where is your favorite spot for a Maryland crabcake? ... See MoreSee Less

57 CommentsComment on Facebook

Our home in Largo, FL! Made from hand picked lump meat from Jimmies caught right off our dock!😋 (yes I'm gloating 🤗)

Cooksey's in Hughesville, Md.

Kocos and By the Docks

Drum Point Market Smith Island, MD

Pappas! But, now I know that Rocksalt just one Baltimore’s best crabcakes, I’ll have to give it a try.😃

My kitchen!!😊 I made great crabcakes last weekend

What she said- Fratelli's of Hampstead

Box Hill Pizzaria

My house

Pappas and Koco's

My house

Rock Salt

Pappas or Box Hill Pizzeria.

Angelina's used to be really good. Haven't been there for a long time.

Maria’s on Main Street in Reisterstown…yum


Roy's Quick corner in Glen Burnie or Seaside Restaurant also in Glen Burnie 😋🤤

I second Fratellis in Hampstead

Koco's.....Hands down the best in Maryland! JMO 🤷‍♂️

Box Hill

Dock Street - Annapolis

Don't eat Crabs

Stables in Westminster

In the kitchen after my wife makes them.

My kitchen!

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Happy Birthday, Rik Emmett!
What's your favorite Triumph tune?
... See MoreSee Less

Happy Birthday, Rik Emmett!
Whats your favorite Triumph tune?

45 CommentsComment on Facebook

“Lay It On The Line “

Fight The Good Fight!

Fight the Good Fight!

Fight the good fight happy birthday🎂

Magic Power. Allied Forces was a great album!

Never say never ,All the kings horses ,carry on the flame, let the light shine, fight the good fight

Magic Power

Magic Power ❤️

 Triumph was my first concert I ever went to. I was about 10-11 years old favorite song lay it on the line

Love that guy, I was listening to the triumph greatness hits album on the way to the beach yesterday

The whole allied forces album . Sorry can’t just pick 1

Magic power

Magic Power

Magic power

My first concert back in 86 or 87 at the Balto Civic Center. Magic Power is a favorite. Also loved the Thunder 7 album.

Magic Power 100% .. and she turns her little radio on 😀

Fight the Good Fight, then Say Goodbye. It was my theme song once I decided to give my first husband the boot. 😆

Magic Power

Hold on. Played at my wife's funeral. Her wish.

Hold On or Lay It On The Line. They played our high school a few times!! Luv you Triumph!!!!!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈

Fight the good fight

Magic Power!

Magic Power

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It's National Pina Colada Day... What's your favorite summer cocktail? Be creative! ... See MoreSee Less

20 CommentsComment on Facebook

Pineapple +cranberry with a splash of Ritual zero proof rum - mocktails all day everyday.

I don't drink but Pina Coladas are yummy. Also, strawberry margaritas!

Haven't drank in nearly 35 years My go to in this heat is water with a splash of more water

A Pan-galactic gargle blaster, shaken not stirred, with a twist of lime.

Melon balls

I love Pina colada my favorite!! We used to make squirrels vodka and whatever flavor of Kool aid ice and drink lol

Years ago there was a bar down at the Power Plant that had multiple slurpee machines with mixed drinks. That was the place to go to on a hot summer night.

Gin and Squirt

Margarita with salt.

Jameson, ginger wedge of lime.

Dogfish 90

Orange creamsicle 🍊

Frozen Sex on the Beach

Grapefruit Crush. So refreshing without being too sweet.



Ice Pick!……Grey Goose and Ice Tea! Yummy and Refreshing!

Ice Pick!……Grey Goose and Ice Tea! Yummy and Refreshing!

Tequila bloody Mary.

Italian Surfer

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Where is the best place to get ice cream in your part of town? ... See MoreSee Less

70 CommentsComment on Facebook

Creamery Connection in Hereford

Hoffman's in Westminster!!

Vanderwende Creamery is close by. We get milk there too. They supply both Sugar Doodles in Kent Island and Centreville as well.

Safeway…Haagen Daas Chocolate Chocolate Chip!!! Yummers!

Artic circle in churchville soft serve ice cream been there since the 50s drive in was across the street Chuck and I had our first date there 29 years ago!!! You ever get out here to harford county check it out!! Oh BTW awesome food

When the Ice Cream truck rolls up.

Brooms Bloom on 543

Try the Bus Stop at Spring Meadow Farms in Upperco


I stick with buying Tillamook ice cream at Publix instead of spending money out on ice cream. There’s plenty of ice cream places since I live at the beach, but I prefer enjoying a quality ice cream multiple times for what it would cost to eat it out once.

Is there a bad place when getting ice cream? Lol

Daily Scoop - Pasadena

Hoffmans in westminster!

Mr. G's in Gettysburg, Pa 😊 and I make their mugs!

Bonkeys in New Freedom Pennsylvania

Hoffman’s Homemade Ice Cream in Westminster

Bonkeys| Summers in Stewartstown and New Freedom! The best!! .

Prigles dairy farm.Hydes,Md.

Keyes Creamery for me near the Harford Air park.

Leo’s coffee shop Edgemere, great Gelato


Simmons in Hampstead!

We’re lucky, we have B’more Licks and The Charmery and both are impeccable choices.

Cindy’s Soft Serve in Elkridge 🍦🍦

Hoffman's or Simmons in snyderburg

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100.7 The Bay and WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore present the Maryland Crab Cake Festival coming to the Carroll County Farm Museum on Saturday, October 26th.

Double The Food… Double The Drinks…And Double The Fun…

Celebrate all things Maryland with Maryland's finest crabcake restaurants, food trucks, artisan vendors, breweries and wineries, live music, and more!



#baltimore #baltimorevents #marylandevents #crabcake #crabs
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How was your Holiday weekend?Colleen Carew On Air ... See MoreSee Less

How was your Holiday weekend?

10 CommentsComment on Facebook

Looking good lady!! Love those shades❤️

Very nice picture of you Collen

Best pic ever!!!!❤️👍👏

Happy 4th

Nice photo n love the glasses

Nice picture. Staying cool

Soapbox Derby

Nice photo Colleen Carew


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Where do you plan to watch the fireworks this week? ... See MoreSee Less

38 CommentsComment on Facebook

In Kent Narrows at my marina. They set the fireworks off right next to it. We have a huge cookout there and next to us at the Chesapeake Center they have food trucks, bouncy houses, etc.

On TV in the AC.

Staying home to roofie my dogs that will be terrified! 😔

On a friend's boat in the Balto harbor

With my sister!

I don't know!

On my balcony… I can see them from Ripken Stadium very nicely… 🌅

From the back of my eyelids! 😆

At home 🏡 Baroo George doesn't like them lol plus it's too hot for him

My daughters

At home. I can watch them from my front porch

My poor dog will be terrified!

Bonfire with friends and family in Harford County..

Based on the current forecast, possibly nowhere. 🙄😞

Our friends farm, in Keymar 🎆

Northside Park OC

On the Train

Watching from my house after coming back from New Smyrna Beach it's going to be 109 with the heat index on the 4th

In my Front Street. My Neighbors do it. My Cats Hate it lol

In Georgetown Ky at the Old Friends Horse Farm & Woodford Reserve Distillery

Pine grove middle school.

CCBC Dundalk if my husband is up to it.

on the field at Dundalk police station

Your backyard

I don't.I can't stand fireworks

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What was the highlight of your weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

55 CommentsComment on Facebook

Heritage Festival Friday night Beatles cover band absolutely fantastic

Experience performing Essex boys at Brewers on Saturday

SATURDAY, Rock fishing on Miss Susie's Charters with my sons and brother and ate crabs afterwards. Then on Sunday took my son to the firing range to shoot his new gun... Priceless

The Never Never show at Big Falls yesterday with you!

our daughter came a pulled weeds for us.

Saturday night Orioles game Grand Slam!

Got to watch my daughter perform at her first music festival!

Having lunch with my 85 year old mom

Not dying

And nice dinner and time together with my parents and my wife

Meeting this little cutie pie

My view...for the week

Backyard open air screening of The Godfather with neighbors.

alanis morissete,pat benatar,morgan wade at merriweather post pavillion.great concert but very hot.

Ice cream cake

Heritage Fair. Getting caught in the rain as Get The Led out played fool in the Rain.

Spending quality time with my Granddaughter!

Visiting with my Grandchildren

My son Austin turned 4 months old 🤘🏻

Dinner with friends

Alanis an Joan . Also seeing Producer Matt at the show

Chuck and I just stayed home

Beetlejuice at the hippodrome

Delivered 4 Chevys to the wrong dealership and figured it out after I dropped the keys in the drop box !

Alanis Morrissette at Merriweather

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From the Malibu to the Trailblazer, and now it's time for my big girl ride. Getting around in the 2024 Chevy Colorado from Antwerpen Chevrolet in Eldersburg!
Antwerpen Chevrolet
... See MoreSee Less

From the Malibu to the Trailblazer, and now its time for my big girl ride.  Getting around in the 2024 Chevy Colorado from Antwerpen Chevrolet in Eldersburg!
Antwerpen Chevrolet

16 CommentsComment on Facebook

That’s big time Colleen Carew On Air 👍

I looked at them for my husband when he was getting a new truck the first year they came out. Congratulations. Drive Safely.

Love mine! Got it 2 weeks ago! Enjoy!



Nice ride

Nice ride

I'm calling shotgun!

In my neck of the woods looking good sitting in that beautiful truck

Nice! Truck drivin mamma!






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Last weekend of June. What?!? What does it look like for you? ... See MoreSee Less

52 CommentsComment on Facebook

Basically Average The Usual Stuff But Sunday To My Dads For 1 Night In Virginia Beach For The Dentist Monday Ready Again To Get Comfortably Numb.

Our 10th anniversary ❤️ Marcia Wolle

50th Birthday on Saturday, also heading to Myrtle Beach!

Fishing 🎣 in Mentor, Ohio

Back to back Alanis Morisette and Joan Jett concerts at MPP 😎🤘😎👍😎🤘😎

Looks like some yard work needs to be done 😎 All good !

HARDY Camden tonight 🎶🙌 and hoping for good weather to take the boat out this weekend with good friends 🤞

Yard work and the Gun Range! And gigging at Fast Eddie’s Saturday night

Heading to the Ocean!! 🌊⛱☀️

Live local music with friends!

Heading to the jersey shore with my family

Swim Practice Saturday morning, O’s Saturday night

Ironbirds game on Friday night and Orioles Game on Sunday night.

Watching my elderly parents

Dinner, outdoor concert, movies...chill

Getting myself prepared for summer work.

Same as it ever was.. Rock and Roll 💥

East Coast Chevelle Show North East MD Saturday

Dundalk Heritage Fair . Friends, fun and Food. And lots of great music! Doesn't get better than this..

Driving to Bar Harbor, Maine for family vacation

Probably a rained out graduation party and then my daughter is performing at The Ladybug Music Festival in Old Ellicott City at Backwater Books. She goes on at 6:10. Baptism on Sunday. Very busy weekend.

IronBirds Friday, Blues Vultures Club 66 Saturday, Gettysburg Sunday!

Hot, with a chance of rain.

Cooking n Harley Davidson

heritage fair all week end

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What musician would be the most fun to invite over to your Summer cookout? ... See MoreSee Less

112 CommentsComment on Facebook

Dave Grohl hands down! And probably Tom DeLonge. 😊

Rob Fahey. I know because I’ve done it before. He’s great at cookouts. 

Sly & the rest of The Family Stone.

Ted Nugent , but he’d have to bring the venison.

Kid Rock

Well if they’re gonna cook, definitely Dave Grohl, haha! If we’re gonna party I’m definitely inviting Jerry (Garcia)!

Ray Cooper, I love his energy.

Probably Snoop Dog for obvious reasons. 🤣

I don’t know. Never met any to see how fun they are.

I love Rod Stewart, so definitely him, but I also think Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. I like him a lot too!!

Grace potter !

Alice Cooper

1980s-era David Lee Roth

Kid Rock!!!!!!!!❤️👍

I going to say Sammy Hagar

Well …the late Jimmy Buffett

Keef Richards he would be a blast!!!!!!!!!😎👍🎸

Kid Rock. One phone call, he invites Donald Trump and then he shows up an hour later. Hell yeah. 🤘🇺🇸

Joe Walsh or John Mellencamp

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Dave Grohl, i,d let him barbeque for us

Keith Richards …hands down

Kid Rock

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It's Global Beatles Day, so I'll ask a tough one: what's the best tune they ever wrote? ... See MoreSee Less

75 CommentsComment on Facebook

In My Life is one of the best and my favorite is , Oh Darling.


While my guitar gently weeps

A Day in the Life and Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club . I couldn't decide but they are all good ! The Beatles Rock 🤘

Here, There and Everywhere But that could change tomorrow. I have way too many favorites.

Love me do- started it all!

Impossible answer, but one of my all time favorites, “ While my guitar gently weeps”!!!

Musically. Lyrically. Or socially? Could be 3 different answers Musically. Is Benefit of mr kite Lyrically. Is in my life Sociallly. Is Give peace a chance . My personall. Favorite is Hey Jude Best selling Beatles single was. I want to hold your hand And a bonus. Most covered song Of all. Time is yesterday

Long and winding road

so many... I'll go with "In My Life". My daughter chose it for the song we danced to at her wedding <3

My favorite will always be “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. After that “A Day In The Life” or “Hey Jude” depends what I’m feeling.

For me no question, Long and Winding Road. When I listen to that song, I feel like I am in the song.

A Day in the Life but also have to include Here, There and Everywhere because it was my wedding song (and Paul’s favorite 😊).

Day in the life 💯

Too many to list

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life 🤘

In My Life.

Across The Universe is my answer today.

Strawberry Fields Forever Lady Madonna Birthday

Anything George wrote!

Let it Be!!

A Hard Days Night, I am the Walrus ... All of them.

A Day in the Life...Eleanor Rigby

Like the potato chip . . Ya cant have just one . .

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... See MoreSee Less

16 CommentsComment on Facebook

My Birthday Celebration Good music, great food and always the best of friends and family 😎

Seeing the Alamo

Staying in where is was cool and cleaned out closets.

Nice digs ! Water temp ?

Added to my tan

Old friends get together

Hot 🥵 date

Is watching a live soccer game in brooklyn.

Sunset over bayside, followed by strawberry moonrise over the ocean

Had my first steamed crabs of the year.

The 100.7 The Bay Craft Beer Festival

Scratching my butt...."Well, you asked."

Seeing Petty Coat Junction at Island Green. Fantastic photo, Colleen! 😍



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1st official weekend of Summer! How are you spending it? ... See MoreSee Less

46 CommentsComment on Facebook

My 57th Birthday is Monday, so this weekend is the start of my Celebration! 😎🎊🎉🎊😎

Getting My Summer Cut At Mirror Salon & Going To A Late Night Movie All Tomorrow & Saturday Gym & Clean & Make Baked Ziti & Sunday Greeter Duty At Church As Usual So Basically Average The Weekend Routine Is For Me.

Happy Birthday to me on Saturday 😎 Little Happy Hour 🍻🥳

In my basement, watching movies. How am I eating? Light foods like Greek Salad with a chicken breast.

2 SeaDoos, a cooler with food and beers, and a nice river.

Shopping spree with my daughter

Hiding from this heat, but enjoying great music!

Washing the house . Then my pool

Heading to Niagara Falls to escape the heat.

Matty Frame 9th annual Golf tournament at Quail valley for Jimmy V cancer research and Saturday Poison Whiskey at Hopps Cycle. Give me the HEAT

Weekend away

Boujee Brunch at Freys on Saturday!!!

Staying cool in the house.

Inside watching movies

Tiki bar with a pool.

Going to Aussie Floyd, Thanks to You & Donna Jean!👍😎

In my house out of the heat

Going to the Craft Beer festival on Saturday!

RaggaeRiseUp on the Baltimore Peninsula.

Lookin for a pool !

I’m attending the Craft Beer Fest on Saturday plus 2 other events on Saturday.

Complaining about hot sand at the beach

In the air conditioning 😝🥵🌞

Eclipse with Almost Queen at Cult Classic

Farmapalooza in Fawn Grove PA on Saturday.

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