Former Ravens Head Coach (& Author!) Brian Billick chats w/ Colleen Carew

Former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach, Brian Billick, is no stranger to staying busy and writing books, so it was no surprise when he called 100.7 The Bay to to talk to Colleen Carew about his newest book, The Q Factor. Coach Billick has always loved Baltimore and the Eastern Shore and is enjoying life now as an author and grandfather. Take a listen below, then pick up his book now on Amazon

In THE Q FACTOR, former NFL coach Brian Billick takes the highly promising 2018 NFL quarterback Draft class — the most touted class since 2004 (Manning, Roethlisberger, Rivers) and 1983 (Elway, Kelly, Marino) — and measures the top five quarterback picks to gauge how, why, and if they succeed. They are all first rounders, all with sterling college credentials, all talented athletes, all taken by teams betting their futures. One or maybe two could go on to greatness. But which ones, and why? Could the prediction process be better? Are the “experts” looking at the wrong factors? How do we find the best of the best? That’s what THE Q FACTOR explores…and finally explains.