Colleen’s Local Legends: Week 5-Police Officer Logan Kent

On behalf of 100.7 The Bay, Colleen Carew would like to recognize Washington D.C Police Officer Logan Kent, for 15 years as this week’s Local Legend! Officer Kent was nominated by his mom, Michele Kent. 

Along with the usual crimes that occur on the system, he deals with suicides, attempted suicides, stabbings etc. on a daily basis.  Some  years ago he pulled a woman from under a train, applied tourniquets to her legs and saved her life.  When children are involved in these altercations, he cares for them until proper authorities arrive.  Yes, this is his job, but with so much hate in people’s  hearts today, they need to know there are good officers out there to help them.   Logan is a veteran ( served with the PA National Guard in Iraq), a caring son, great husband, and wonderful father to his 6yr old son, Cody.  He is definitely one local legend!
Thank-you, Michele Kent”

Thank you for all your do Officer Logan Kent!