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Craft Beer on the Bay

CBoTB-Big Truck Farm Brewery-How It Started

Jefferson The Craft Beer Guy got together with Kip Fulks, the Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery in Parkton, to hear about his background and how the brewery came...

CBoTB- Tripping Animals & Burley Oak Collaboration!

This week, Jefferson the Craft Beer Guy details a collaboration between two breweries that had him AND Huber absolutely blown away!

CBoTB- Deep Fake Non-Alcoholic IPA

In this week’s Craft Beer on The Bay podcast, Jefferson gets an interesting package from Flying Dog Brewery. Listen in to hear the verdict on this new non-alcoholic beer!

CBoTB-Taste Test on Two New IPAs

Find out what Jefferson the Craft Beer Guy discovered this week. Celebrate America this weekend two ways at the same time: toast our country’s birthday on the 4th of...

CBOTB: Checkerspot Brewing’s 2020-2021 Pivot

Listen to the interesting story Checkerspot Brewing’s Co-Owners Judy, Rob and Steve tell Jefferson about their dramatic changes they made due to the impact of the pandemic on our...

CBoTB: Checkerspot Brewing’s 3rd Anniversary

In this week’s Craft Beer on the Bay podcast, Jefferson got together with the owners of Checkerspot Brewing to talk about their 3rd Anniversary Party happening Saturday June 19th!

CBoTB: Beer Flights

Beer flights are a fun way to try several different beers before settling in on the one or two you like most. Before you head out to your favorite...

CBoTB: Profile: Joe Gold, from Lacrosse to Beer – Part II

In this week’s Craft Beer on the Bay Podcast- Part II of the profile on Baltimore beer legend Joe Gold

CBoTB: Profile: Joe Gold, from Lacrosse to Beer – Part I

In this week’s podcast, Jefferson the Craft Beer Guy profiles Baltimore’s own Joe Gold-a UMBC grad, member of Young’s Brewery 135 club and lacrosse professional who has a remarkable...

CBoTB: Ten Eyck Brewing

Last Wednesday, I headed over to Queenstown to spend some time with Nicki Sener and talk about Ten Eyck Brewing.  We grabbed a couple stools in the brewhouse adjoining...

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