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Craft Beer on the Bay

CBoTB: Blind Taste Test of Southern Tier’s Pumpking

‘Tis the season for… pumpkin ales!  And every year, I have to talk about the one pumpkin ale that is far and away my favorite in this style! Press...

CBoTB: Three New Beers from DuClaw!

A few days ago, I received a package from DuClaw here at the radio station and found three relatively new DuClaw beers inside.  So this week, I opened one...

CBoTB: Pumpkin Ales Tasting Session-Part II

It’s the first weekend of October! Earlier this week, I tried four new Pumpkin Ales on four different days in preparation for today’s Craft Beer on The Bay feature. ...

CBoTB: Pumpkin Ales Tasting Session-Part I

With Fall now officially here and Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon, craft breweries are again releasing a wide variety of seasonal, limited release beers, with the two most...

CBoTB: Barrel Aged Craft Beer

Barrel aged craft beer.  Another wonderful part of this great craft beer world. Enjoy this week’s Craft Beer on The Bay Podcast, cheers!

CBoTB: Nano Breweries

Even with all the growth we are seeing today in craft beer, small batch, microbreweries are still very much part of the craft beer industry.  These breweries are generally...

CBoTB: Four Beers in Four Days

Another great weekend is here, and this one’s a little longer!  I know some people think of Labor Day Weekend as the unofficial end of summer, but like a...

CBoTB: Cigar City Brewing

Jefferson The Craft Beer Guys explains how you can take a virtual trip to Tampa this weekend and enjoy a delicious Cigar City beer at home. Check it out!

CBoTB: Independent Brewing’s Response to COVID-19

Jefferson The Craft Beer Guy talks about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with Independent Brewing. Take a listen.

CBoTB: Farm Breweries

Among all the different kinds of breweries in Maryland is one very unique classification: the farm brewery.  Beyond being on a farm, farm breweries must, by law, use Maryland-grown...

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