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Colleen chats with Carlos Santana & wife Cindy Blackman Santana!

Colleen got a chance to chat with Cindy & Carlos Santana about Cindy’s new album (which of course Carlos is on) as well as PRS Guitars and Cindy’s last...

Colleen Carew talks to Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma

Find out what Buck has to say about Blue Oyster Cult’s new album. It’s the first for BOC in almost two decades!

CBoTB: Barrel Aged Craft Beer

Barrel aged craft beer.  Another wonderful part of this great craft beer world. Enjoy this week’s Craft Beer on The Bay Podcast, cheers! Subscribe : | Spotify

Colleen interviews Actor/Singer William Shatner about his new album

Actor, author, producer, director, screenwriter, product spokesperson, musical entertainer, philanthropist and a noted equestrian…he’s seen it and done it all in his illustrious 70-year (and counting) show biz career....

Colleen Carew talks to John Palumbo from Crack The Sky

Colleen talks to John about the new studio album “Tribes” out in January and about writing and life in 2020.

Colleen’s chat w/Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine about “Rust in Peace”

On the 30th anniversary of Megadeth’s thrash metal masterpiece “Rust in Peace,” lead vocalist and guitarist of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine will reveal the behind-the-scenes making of the iconic album in RUST IN PEACE:...

Colleen Carew Talks Guitars & Music with Joe Bonamassa

The legendary Joe Bonamassa has a lot to talk about with Colleen about his new Tommy Bolan Les Paul guitar and livestream concert coming up. Take a listen!

Colleen chats with BOC founding member Joe Bouchard about his new single

Joe Bouchard is best known as the founding member of Blue Oyster Cult. Joe released his second single “She’s a Legend”, from the forthcoming album “Strange Legends”, out on...

Huber’s Shallow Thoughts:Episode 6-Hazard lights rant

Hazard lights. Do you use them, while you’re actually driving? For some, including Huber, its a hot button issue! Take a listen as he goes on a rant to...

The Go-Go’s Kathy Valentine chats about their new single with Colleen

The Go-Go’s, the iconic all female L.A. punk band, released their first new recording in nearly 20 years, “CLUB ZERO,” on July 31st . Colleen chatted with bassist Kathy...