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Why Radio?

Highest reach! Engaged audience! Affordable!

1) Reach

  • Radio is on 24/7, reaching over 92% of people aged 12 and older every week and 68% daily.

  • Ads are most effective when they remind people of brands they know, at the time they happen to need a product or service.

2) Targeting

  • Formats allow advertisers to speak selectively to consumers they want to reach. • Local/regional structure means brands can focus on key marketing areas.

3) Immediacy

  • Radio reaches consumers close to the time and location of purchase, whether they’re in-store or online shoppers. • Reach listeners in-car when they’re driving to stores, restaurants, etc.

4) Loyalty

  • “Radio continues to be perceived as central to people’s lives, especially when contrasted with the precipitous decline by other traditional media” – Nielsen Audio/Edison “Infinite Dial”.

  • Radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery despite the numerous audio options that exist today.

  • Listeners tend to listen to relatively few radio stations and are extremely loyal to their favorites.

5) Engaging

  • Listeners feel an emotional connection with their preferred local Radio stations.

  • Passive forms of advertising merely list merchandise or tell where a product is available, radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and selling products and services.

6) Intimacy

  • Approximately 1/3 of TV time is devoted to commercials, about 2/3 of newspapers are comprised of ad copy, and Internet users are now subjected to a barrage of advertising.
  • With an average of 12 commercial minutes per hour Radio affords an uncluttered environment for advertisers.

7) Synergy

  • Radio has a “multiplier effect” on other media.
  • Adding Radio increases recall of TV and digital ads.

8) Frequency

• Consumers need to be exposed to ad messages multiple times before they begin to respond.
• Radio’s relatively low cost in relation to other media allows advertisers to use multiple stations to reach their targets and build frequency levels for maximum Impact.

9) Creative Flexibility

  • Radio stars in the theater of the mind, stimulates emotion-filled images within the listener’s own mind – voices, music, sound effects, recall of video images.
  • No matter how small or large the advertiser, Radio allows creativity to brand and create a unique identity that consumers will remember.
  • Radio advertisers can adapt quickly to changes in their own situations and marketplace to make sure their dollars are effectively utilized.

10) Cost Effectiveness

  • Radio production costs less than TV, print.
  • Radio is less expensive to buy than most major media, allowing advertisers to afford maximum reach and effective frequency.
Why The Bay?

Highest reach! Engaged audience! Affordable!

Why The Bay Digital:
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We offer:
Why The Bay Digital + Radio
Power of TOGETHER – Spending across multiple platforms delivers greater ROI than any single platform. A blend of digital ad platforms and AM/FM radio is one of the most powerful combinations in media. As the number of media platforms utilized increases, effectiveness and sales effect grow.

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