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Pantera share teaser for upcoming Reunion/Tribute tour

Pantera shared a short video clip on social media teasing the semi-reunion/tribute tour from the legendary band, featuring original members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown joined by Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. The 12-second long clip features the opening of the title track to the band’s classic 1990 album, “Cowboys From Hell”, with the group’s name slowly being burned into view. Watch the teaser clip here.

Zakk Wylde spoke about the tour during an interview at the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival in Mansfield, OH last month, and addressed the controversy over of a Pantera Tour without the Abbott brothers (Vinny and Dime): “Obviously, it’s not Pantera. Pantera is those four guys – it’s Phil, Rex, Dime and Vinnie. But it’s just like when Zeppelin went out with Jason Bonham playing, it was phenomenal. I told Jason, I was just, like, ‘Dude, you crushed it, man.’ It’s a great thing just to hear them play that music again.”  The guitarist concluded, “I’m beyond honored to be a part of it.”

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