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CBoTB- Oliver Brewing Co. Bmore Hazy

I’ve talked before on Craft Beer on The Bay about how ever since I started this journey, I really have fallen in love with New England style Hazy IPAs. And as the guy with the Natty Boh tattoo I obviously have a soft spot for anything related to Baltimore in its history or branding. Enter Oliver Brewing Company and Bmore Hazy. Oliver Brewing Company is located in Baltimore and actually right down the street from my alma mater of Archbishop Curley High School which gives it a certain extra sentimental value for me. It was founded in 1993, making it one of Baltimore’s OG craft breweries, and with beers like Bmore Hazy, it’s easy to see how they accomplished that longevity.


Outside of the name, the can itself is fantastic looking with a really cool silhouette of the Baltimore skyline, and the beer lives up to the presentation. It’s a pretty standard New England style IPA and that’s what I love about it. It’s got that cloudiness or haze in the color of the beer, and the texture of it delivers that great soft pillowy mouthfeel that is a main characteristic of a Hazy IPA. Bmore Hazy nails the tropical fruity aroma and flavors that I love in my beer, and it absolutely will be a mainstay in the Weitzel beer fridge from here on out.



Matt Weitzel

100.7 the Bay’s Craft Beer Guy


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