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CBoTB- Flood Zone Brewery Pt. 1

Yesterday I took the trip up to Union Bridge, Maryland to visit Flood Zone Brewery and sat down with head brewer Keith Waybright. I was fascinated by the story of Flood Zone and what they’ve overcome to reach their current level of success. The building was built in the 60’s and has been everything from a grocery store to a construction warehouse, and in 1972 Hurricane Agnus swept through the building and you can see watermarks on the walls where the water reached 4 feet high, hence the name Flood Zone. But when owner, Jerry Stambaugh, decided to convert it into a brewery he never could’ve guess what would ensure shortly after opening.

(Keith talks)

I’ve talked before about how there is a really special element of community that truly makes the craft beer world special, and I was reminded of that by hearing the way the community rallied around this brand-new business that had already had the rug pulled out from under them.

(Keith talks)

When people care about what they’re doing you can notice it right away. And I could feel Keith’s passion when he talked about the distinction between customers, and fans.

(Keith talks)

Next week I’ll talk about the beer that I was the biggest fan of during my visit and the special anniversary party that Flood Zone has planned for February 25th through the 28th. Until then…



Matt Weitzel

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