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CBoTB- Red Shedman Farm Brewery

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading up to Mount Airy and visiting Red Shedman Farm Brewery. For Red Shedman, Beer is family affair as it was started around 2014 by three brothers who are all very involved in the day-to-day process of the brewery. While I was there, I got to speak with Eric Cross, who fairly recently joined the team as Master Brewer, and sample some really fantastic beers. Red Shedman, being a farm brewery has a beautiful scenery and Eric explained to me some of the ingredients that they grow on the farm that make their way into the beer.

(Eric Talks)

As someone who is a beer drinker that’s married to a wine drinker, one very interesting thing about Red Shedman is that it’s located on the same property as Linganore Winery, the largest winery in Maryland.

(Eric Talks)

At a time when most breweries seem to focus on making a lot of strong IPAs with high abv., I was very surprised to hear about Eric’s passion for lower abv. beer, represented very well in Red Shedman’s “Game Time Lager”

(Eric Talks)

Red Shedman really has something for every beer lover, and next week we’ll hear more about some of the great beers that you can find there, and an interesting theme that I’ve picked up on from my journey thus far, that continued to pop up in my visit to Red Shedman. Until then…



Matt Weitzel

100.7 the Bay’s Craft Beer Guy


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