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CBoTB- Career Profile: Phil Rhudy Part II

Last week we heard the first part of a look at the career of Phil Rhudy, the owner of Independent Brewing Company. We heard how Phil got his start in home brewing during a time when it wasn’t necessarily easy to do so. So where did Phil learn everything he knows about brewing beer if he was only doing it at home in his free time? Phil travelled a great deal for work as a sales manager for a marine equipment company, and all that travelling played a huge role in helping Phil gain experience.

(Phil Talks)

So, Phil had been travelling from brewery to brewery learning the craft and gaining this wealth of knowledge to a point where he was actually contributing just as much as he was taking away, because he was able to take what he had learned at previous visits and suggest things to the current brewery he was visiting. And the fascinating thing about this is this is all still just strictly about the passion for brewing beer. This was all in Phil’s down time which speaks volumes about his love for the industry. So after all this learning, where did the idea to open a brewery finally begin to take shape?

(Phil talks)

With the plan to open Independent Brewing Company taking shape, and the funding and location secured, it was time to start brewing beer. But Brewing beer wasn’t Phil’s only responsibility in the early days.

(Phil talks)

And so Phil has gone from a home brewer with no intention of being anything more, to being a vital part of the Bel Air community, because Independent’s presence in downtown Bel Air not only serves itself, but helps to serve the community at large by being a launchpad to other businesses and attractions in the area.

(Phil talks)

That community centric thinking is what makes not only Phil Rhudy and Independent Brewing Company special, but it’s what makes craft beer as a whole so special. It has the capacity to be hyper local and a strong pillar of any community that brings people together.


Matt Weitzel

100.7 the Bay’s Craft Beer Guy


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