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CBoTB- Career Profile: Greg McGrath Part III

Last week, we heard part two of the story of long-time brewer, Greg McGrath, currently brewing at Inverness Brewing. We left off with Greg’s arrival at Inverness Brewing, and some of the beers that he’s been able to bring to the table that have made Inverness a must for anyone with an interest in craft beer. One of the more fascinating brewing techniques that Greg has brought to Inverness is the use of Kveik yeast. Kveik is a Norwegian yeast with an unusual component.

(Greg talks)

Greg’s affinity for using this type of yeast in beers has spawned possibly my favorite beer that Greg allowed me to sample during my time with him and that was called Rye on a Buffalo. And it was at this point that Greg won my heart because he managed to combine my love for beer, AND Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

(Greg Talks)

Being that this is the beginning of my journey, Greg had some very insightful and useful advice for me and those like me who are on this journey of discovery.

(Greg Talks)

The greatest thing about my time with Greg McGrath is that you can just feel his passion for brewing beer. You can feel the excitement in his voice when he’s explaining the different beers and the processes behind making them, and his passion was the most evident when he recalled a conversation he had with his father about his first brewing job.

(Greg talks)

Greg has a different type of degree, and that’s the over two decades of experience working in breweries and soaking in all the knowledge he could along the way.

(Greg talks)

Greg McGrath is a wonder example of finding your path and following it even if it may not be the traditional path, and that’s something that transcends the world of craft beer.



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