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CBoTB- Career Profile: Greg McGrath Part II

Last week, we heard the first part of the story of long-time brewer, Greg McGrath, currently brewing at Inverness Brewing. We left off when Greg actually decided to step away from brewing and bartend, but Greg wouldn’t stay away from Brewing for long. He received a call from a friend who had just gotten a job as head brewer for Degroen’s and wanted to bring Greg along.


(Greg Talks)


So after working at Degroen’s for a couple years, they were sold in 2004 and Greg found himself again not brewing, but bartending and curating beer lists for his friend John Bates who had just opened his own bar. After almost ten years working as a bartender for the second time, Greg landed back into brewing by yet another right place right time encounter this time in the form of running into some old friends at a concert at The Ottobar. These friends of his were in the process of opening Waverly Brewing, and Greg had years of experience to offer at this point so he offered to help.


(Greg Talks)


Greg became part owner of Wavery and spent close to five years there before he started to consider his options elsewhere. One of those options that came very close to happening was the idea to open his own brewery. Greg feels fortunate that this didn’t come to pass however, since it would have been right as the COVID shut down first happened, and that could’ve spelled disaster for a brand new brewery. Instead, Greg landed at his current job with Inverness Brewing thanks to a phone call to head brewer Tom Davidson.


(Greg talks)


That was two years ago and Greg hasn’t looked back. He’s been able to make a vast impact on the operations of Inverness Brewing by helping them acquire a canning machine which is capable of canning a case of beer a minute. And more importantly has introduced some amazing beer such as their Hazy Session IPA Jockey Juice, which for being only 4.7% abv. has such a pronounced flavor and doesn’t feel watered down, but it also is very easy to drink which is about the highest compliment I can give as someone is who still very new to these types of beers. Next week we’ll conclude our look at Greg McGrath’s career with a deeper look at some beers that he’s gotten to experiment with and his advice for those like me who are in the process of discovering their love for craft beer. Until then…


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