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CBoTB- Career Profile: Greg McGrath Part I

In starting my craft beer journey, it seemed like the best place to start would be by talking to someone who has seen and done it all in the craft beer world. Fortunately, I was introduced to Greg McGrath from Inverness Brewing who could not have been an easier person to talk to, and more importantly he has a fascinating career journey that spans decades of hard work and interesting right place right time encounters. You might think that someone with as much experience brewing beer as Greg would have started as a home brewer, but that isn’t the case. Greg began his career around 1997 by getting a job with The Brewer’s Art thanks to one of those perfect right place right time encounters.

(Greg talks)

During his time at The Brewer’s Art, learning the craft of craft beer, Greg had met Mike McDonald from Red Brick Station by virtue of the fact that local craft brewers are such a tight knit community. Greg explained that at this time in the late 90’s early 2000’s there were 6 breweries in Maryland. That is vastly different from the over 100 that exist today. It was this ability to foster relationships with other brewers that helped Greg when he decided he wanted to move on and expand his knowledge.

(Greg Talks)

From there Greg found himself as an assistant brewer at Sisson’s Brew Pub, and in another right place right time situation.

(Greg Talks)

After his time at Sissan’s Greg would actually step away from brewing for some time, but never lost his passion for beer.

(Greg Talks)

So as a bartender Greg got a chance to still be around beer, talking to people, building beer lists for bars, but he knew he couldn’t stay away from brewing. Next week we’ll delve into how Greg got back into brewing, and what lead him to his current job at the amazing Inverness Brewing, and some of what he’s learned from his fascinating journey through the Maryland Craft Beer scene. Until then…




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