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CBoTB- Introducing the new Craft Beer Guy…Matt Weitzel!

Jefferson: When we started this Craft Beer on The Bay feature in May of 2014, the idea was to celebrate one of the many gifts in life, in this case… great beer! Over the last seven and a half years, I’ve visited a bunch of breweries, met some really good people, and enjoyed a lot of delicious craft beer! And while I will be drinking craft beer for many more years, the time has come in my life to retire. It feels strange saying that because in so many ways, I’m not really retiring, I’m just going to be doing other things. But for 100.7 The Bay, the show must go on and Craft Beer on The Bay needs a new host… a new Craft Beer Guy! So with that in mind, please welcome 100.7 The Bay’s new Craft Beer Guy, Matt Weitzel!


Matt Weitzel: Until recently, Craft Beer was never really on my radar. When I started drinking beer there really wasn’t much room for diversity: Yuengling was always my favorite, and still is to a certain extent. Beyond that it was the occasional Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day more or less out of a feeling of necessity, and there was always Natty Boh, because you can’t be a young 20 something from Baltimore without feeling obligated to make Natty Boh your beer of choice or if you’re like me, you go the extra mile and get the Natty Boh logo tattooed on your leg.


My first real exposure to craft beer came about two years ago, when a friend who was moving to Florida had his going away party at Union Craft Brewing. Faced with the inevitability of having to try something new, I went with their Anthem Golden Ale. It was a very drinkable beer for someone who had never ventured far outside of their comfort zone, and it made me think…Maybe there are Craft Beers that I actually DO like! And to take it a step further, what have I not liked in the past, that maybe I’d feel differently if I gave it a try now?


Fast forward to around six months ago when I started working here at 100.7 The Bay and got to know Jefferson and Huber, and all of the sudden I’m hearing about all of these different beers that I just HAVE to try. And that is where I’ll pick up my journey next week. And I use that word “journey” very intentionally because that’s exactly what this will be…one person’s journey of discovery of some of the most amazing craft beers around, and maybe I can help you find some interesting things along the way that may add to your own journey.




Matt Weitzel

100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy


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