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CBoTB- Pumpkin Jack Flash from Double Groove Brewing

Back in mid-August, I spent a late afternoon with Double Groove Brewing Co-Founders Mark and Lisa Moody and their new partner, Kyle Waters.  We talked about how the brewery came to be and, as always, talked about their beer and that conversation became the Double Groove story as told on this Craft Beer on The Bay feature.


Then about a month ago, my wife and I and some great friends spent a Friday evening at Double Groove Brewing, enjoying some really good beer and equally good company.  While we were there, Mark Moody stopped by for a few minutes and in that conversation revealed that he had a couple Fall releases almost ready to hit the taproom: Life in the Fest Lane, a traditional German-style Festbier and Pumpkin Jack Flash, an Imperial Pumpkin Ale.


Well, if you’ve heard any of these Craft Beer on The Bay features, you know that I am a big fan of Pumpkin Ales.  So when Mark said Pumpkin Jack Flash was going to be ready soon, I knew right then that I had to visit the taproom soon!


So last week, I stopped by Double Groove, grabbed a stool at the bar and ordered a Pumpkin Jack Flash.  The beer pours a rich, dark orange and makes a beautiful presentation in Double Groove’s 16-ounce glassware.  When I lifted the glass for my first taste, I immediately picked up a warm pumpkin scent and notes of cinnamon and allspice.  My first taste was a celebration of the senses, with pumpkin clearly present and the cinnamon and allspice aromas adding to the taste sensation.  But there was something else in this spectacular beer.  So I asked Mark Moody to tell us about the making of Pumpkin Jack Flash.


(Mark Moody, Double Groove Brewing Co-Founder and Brewmaster, talks)


The glass I was enjoying was from their next to last keg.  So make sure you get to Double Groove Brewing this weekend so you can enjoy this outstanding beer.  Double Groove is at 1659 Robin Circle in Forest Hill and is open Wednesday through Sunday. 


Double Groove Brewing serves Pumpkin Jack Flash both as a regular 16 ounce pour or with the option of having it served in a glass rimmed with cinnamon and large sugar crystals.  Whichever way you choose to drink this beer, you’re going to be enjoying a great craft beer adventure… in a glass!





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