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CBoTB- Big Truck Farm Brewery- The Beer

Last week, Big Truck Farm Brewery Founder, Kip Fulks told us about how the brewery came to be and the concepts and work that went into the construction of their brewhouse and taproom.


This week, Kip Fulks introduces us to the Big Truck Farm Brewery beers and the different trucks associated with each beer, starting with the Chevrolet K5 Blazer, a topless SUV.


(Kip Fulks, Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery, talks)


K5 Topless Blonde is one of four flagship beers for Big Truck Farm Brewery.  Kip fills us in on the other three beers.


(Kip Fulks, Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery, talks)


So now that you’re really thirsty, it’s time to drink some beer.  Big Truck Farm Brewery is at 19919 Cameron Mill Road in Parkton and is open 12noon-8pm, Thursday-Sunday.  I’ll see you there!





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