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CBoTB-Big Truck Farm Brewery-How It Started

We are living in a wonderful time for enjoying craft beer.  We can enjoy great beer in our home, on a visit to a brewery, in our favorite pub, while dining out, and, on a farm!  There are a number of very cool farm breweries in Maryland with each one offering beer brewed with at least one farm-grown ingredient and each giving us a chance to drink beer in a unique space.

I got together with Kip Fulks, the Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery in Parkton, last week to hear about his background and how the brewery came to be.  We first sat down at a picnic table overlooking their hop fields, then toured the brew house before grabbing a couple stools in the taproom and talking about the steps that led to building Big Truck Farm Brewery.

(Kip Fulks, Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery, talks)

Kip started off growing hops, first with seven varieties before settling on three that have done well in Maryland soil: southern cross, cascade and chinook.

(Kip Fulks, Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery, talks)

Now with a name and a concept, Kip Fulks needed a brew team.  He pulled in craftsmen who had developed precise skills in other industries, hired a brewery consultant and began brewing beer in their newly constructed brewery.

(Kip Fulks, Founder of Big Truck Farm Brewery, talks)

The space is striking.  The massive wooden beams that frame the brewhouse and taproom are from that 1840’s barn that Kip just referenced and are surrounded by a contemporary design with windows everywhere, allowing expansive views of the farm.  Garage doors off the taproom give way to an upper level outdoor seating area that overlooks the lower level featuring picnic tables covered by sun shade sails.  It’s a place you have to visit!

Next week, Kip and I talk about some of the Big Truck beers and the truck theme that ties them all together.

Until then…



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