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CBoTB- Tripping Animals & Burley Oak Collaboration!

As you might know from listening to 100.7 The Bay, Huber and I are crazy craft beer enthusiasts.  And when we each find something that’s really good, we always tell each other about it.  


A couple weeks ago, I had an amazing Double IPA from Tripping Animals, a relatively new brewery in Doral, Florida.  Unfortunately, I had only bought a single can of Master Chucho from Tripping Animals, so while I was able to share by incredible experience drinking this beer with you—and Huber—on this Craft Beer on The Bay feature, I wasn’t able to share the beer itself with Huber.  But when I told him that this was a soft, delicious “juice bomb” of a Double IPA, I knew he knew how good Master Chucho was!


Then last Thursday afternoon, while Huber was on vacation on the Eastern Shore, he stopped in at Burley Oak Brewing in Berlin, just outside of Ocean City.  I was here at the station taking care of some work when my phone rang and it was Huber going half-way out of his mind.  He was sitting in the Burley Oak taproom drinking a collaboration brew from Burley Oak and… Tripping Animals Brewing.  The beer was Non Owl-Coholic—owl is spelled O-W-L—a 10.0% Triple IPA with Citra, Nelson and Mosaic hops, along with pineapples and oranges.  He said, this is… you guessed it… a juice bomb!  But he said Burley Oak wasn’t allowing customers to take home growlers or crowlers and Non Owl-Coholic wasn’t available in cans either.  So while I was happy that Huber got to taste a Tripping Animals beer, I was bummed that I couldn’t try this one.


Then this past Monday, I walked into The Liquor Stop in Bel Air and ran into Store Manager Jerry Schmidt and thanked him for telling me about Master Chucho and about how good it was.  I then told him Huber’s story—about being in Burley Oak Brewing’s taproom and drinking their collaboration with Tripping Animals—and Jerry said, “we have it here.  We just put it on our growler station!”  So my next move was easy: a quick trip home and a full 64-ounce growler fill of Non-Owl Coholic Triple IPA.


The beer is an awesome Triple IPA.  The 10% ABV is unnoticeable.  It’s fruity—an absolute juice bomb—with loads of citrus aroma and flavor and is, plain and simple, delicious. It pours a rich orange haze and has a thick, soft, white creamy head. 


Like many breweries, most of Tripping Animals beers are one-time creations.  So look for either Master Chucho in cans or Non Owl-Coholic on draft and grab it if you see it and enjoy another craft beer adventure!





The Craft Beer Guy


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