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CBoTB-Taste Test on Two New IPAs

One of the aspects of the craft beer adventure that I’ve always enjoyed is the discovery of amazing new beers.  Like you, I’ve had times when I bought something that just looked or sounded interesting and times when I’ve enjoyed a beer because of the recommendation of a friend.

Earlier this week, I stopped into the Liquor Stop in Bel Air and spent some time with their Manager, Jerry Schmidt.  Jerry and I have talked a lot about beer over the last ten years and have discovered that our beer likes and dislikes are very similar.  So I asked Jerry for a couple recommendations on some IPAs, both for my personal enjoyment and for sharing a couple tasting profiles today on this Craft Beer on The Bay feature.

Jerry selected two beers for me and both were spectacular!  First up: Master Chucho, a Double IPA from Tripping Animals Brewing Company in Doral, Florida.  This is an incredible example of what a hazy, juicy IPA can be.  Master Chucho is a juice bomb!  The Tripping Animals brew team used Lotus, Cashmere and Citra Hops and created a masterpiece.  It’s an 8.5% ABV beer but you’d never know it by the way it tasted—it’s so easy to drink and incredibly delicious.  I poured Master Chucho into a teku glass, revealing an opaque, straw colored, extremely hazy beer with a white, dense head.  When I lifted the teku glass to take in the beer’s aroma, scents of orange and grapefruit were wonderfully present.  Then once I tasted the beer, I was blown away by how juicy and soft it was.  There is almost no bitterness, even with grapefruit and lemon flavors present as I drank this beer.  As a just said, this is a juice bomb!  Wow!

The second beer was from Cushwa Brewing in Williamsport, Maryland, located just outside of Hagerstown and just a few miles from the Maryland/West Virginia border.  This was my first Cushwa beer, but with the Liquor Stop’s Jerry Schmidt giving me this recommendation, I knew that I was going to have something really good.  And it was!  The beer is called Literally Figuratively and is a New England Style IPA.  Using another teku glass, I poured Literally Figuratively high and hard and watched this opaque, hazy beer produce a rich, white head.  The aroma had notes of peach and pine and the flavor produced a nice combination of both pine and citrus.  Literally Figuratively has a slight hop bite, exactly the amount of bitterness to expect in a New England IPA.  This 6.8% ABV beer is brewing with Motueka, Simco and Mosaic hops.  This is an excellent New England IPA.

Celebrate America this weekend two ways at the same time: toast our country’s birthday on the 4th of July with an American craft beer!



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