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CBoTB-Checkerspot Brewing’s 2020-2021 Pivot

As you now know, Checkerspot Brewing celebrated their 3rd Anniversary last weekend.  I spent time with Checkerspot Brewing’s three Co-Owners last week to talk about the dramatic changes they made due to the impact of the pandemic on our lives.

With brewery operations at a stand-still, the Checkerspot team immediately started selling their beer in growlers and crowlers.  Then Co-Owners Rob Neff, Judy Neff and Steve Marsh made a huge pivot in their business model.  Rob Neff tells the story.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Co-Owner, Rob Neff, talks)

The canning operation that Checkerspot Brewing established last May has now become an integral part of their operation.  During the pandemic, customers were able to order beer online; beer that was delivered by the Checkerspot team, keeping their staff employed during a very difficult time.  That distribution of their beer in cans brought new fans of the brewery and Checkerspot started seeing new faces, along with their many loyal customers.  With demand high, Judy Neff was brewing even more beer!

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Co-Owner, Judy Neff, talks)

And what about new recipes, Judy?

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Co-Owner, Judy Neff, talks)

Judy also coordinated several collaboration brews: a New England Style IPA with Dawson Liquors in Severna Park, a Gose with Canton Crossing Liquors, and a beer brewed with 20 other women in craft brewing in support of the Greater Maryland Chapter of the Pink Boots Society, an organization that assists, inspires and encourages women in the craft beer industry.

Checkerspot also offers you a chance to, essentially, collaborate with Steve Marsh, is Checkerspot’s cask beer specialist.  Steve fill us in.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Co-Owner, Steve Marsh, talks)

So Steve Marsh will actually help you in creating your own cask version of one of the Checkerspot’s beers!

Three great years, three great owners, and tons of great beer!  Checkerspot Brewing is at Sharp and Ostend Streets in Federal Hill.  I’ll see you there!



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