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CBoTB: The White Oak Tavern

It was just ten years ago when sister and brother Clare and Peter Frey started to talk about opening their own restaurant.  With years of experience in the restaurant business and a great relationship with a chef who embraced farm-to-table recipes, they knew they were ready.  Clare and Peter Frey, along with chef Greg Mason, began writing a business plan for a restaurant that is now The White Oak Tavern.  Clare Frey, tells the story.

With the concept in place, and investment support from family and friends, Clare Frey, Peter Frey and Greg Mason found the right space and place for their restaurant, but they were going to have to do a top-to-bottom remodel.  One year later, in 2014, The White Oak Tavern opened and quickly became a destination spot for great food and great beer.  Co-owners Clare and Peter Frey.

The White Oak Tavern has 42 taps and a beer menu that has something for everyone.  And with the idea of beer and food pairings central to their restaurant concept, chef Greg Mason is always working on new recipes.  Peter and, then, Clare explain.

Creativity in food and beer sets The White Oak Tavern apart from so many other restaurants.  Their beer selections are now in the hands of Sam Waller, one of White Oak Tavern’s first employees in 2014. 

And how are the beers selected?

Their ever-changing line-up of 42 draft beers is truly impressive.  Take a look at their beer list and their amazing food menu at  You’ll get hungry and thirsty at the same time.  Better yet… go to the White Oak Tavern and experience it yourself!



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