…The Light is Shining Brighter: By Colleen Carew


…The light is shining brighter!

I thought I’d fill up this space with some recreational positivity.  It seems that over the past 12 months all we’ve been hearing about is closings, cancellations and postponements.  Time to pick out an outfit other than sweats and slippers and get ready to have some FUN!  Obviously, all events will have the CDC guidelines in place, so be patient as venues adjust to new rules with the “new normal.”  Here’s a list of some things to look forward to:

 1)  Orioles Game Tickets– April 1-Sept 30th

 2)  Maryland Zoo’s Bunny Bonanzoo  April 2-4th

 3)  Ocean City’s Springfest -May 6-9th

 4)  KIX -May 7th

 5)  Preakness -Sat May 15th

6)  4th of July Sunday July 4th

7)  York State Fair -July 23-Aug 1st

8)  The Classic Rock Experience -August 28th

9)  Annapolis St. Patrick’s Parade -Sunday, Sept 12th

10) Firefly Festival– Sept 23-26th

11) World’s Largest Pickle Party –Sept 25th

12) Sebastian Maniscalco -Nov 20 and 21st

13) Jerry Seinfeld -Dec 10th

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