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CBoTB: Gunpowder Falls Brewing

As the amazing world of craft beer keeps growing and changing, we not only get to enjoy new craft beer, but we also get to enjoy recipes that have been around for years.  There’s something special about having a traditional beer style that has been perfected over time. 

Gunpowder Falls Brewing in New Freedom, Pennsylvania features exclusively beers brewed in classic German styles.  Martin Virga, the owner and brewmaster, spent years refining his craft beers starting in the late 80’s when Martin spent four years in Germany as an apprentice brewer and as a student at the highly regarded Doeman’s Brewing Academy in Munich.  When he returned to Maryland, Martin went to work for the G. Heilman brewery for a brief time until some investors looking to build a brewpub in the heart of D.C. approached him about becoming the head brewer for what was to become Capital City Brewing. 

That was 1991.  In 1997, Martin left Capital City and formed Ellicott Mills Brewing in Ellicott City.  As he kept brewing, he kept perfecting his beer.  Then in 2011, Martin Virga took the next step in his brewing career and founded Gunpowder Falls Brewing. 

The craft beers at Gunpowder Falls are all German inspired, between 4 and 6% ABV and have recipes that are conceived in accordance with Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516.

Of course, part of the fun in visiting a brewery involves drinking the beer!  First up, Gunpowder Falls Pilsner.

Next: Gunpowder Falls Dunkel.

And there are more you can try when you visit the taproom!  The brewery and taproom are located at 15556 Elm Drive in New Freedom, PA, just over the Maryland border.  You can actually see the brewery on the right on I-83 North as you approach the Shrewsbury exit.  Visit Gunpowder Falls Brewing this weekend and taste a fresh German style beer!    



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