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CBoTB: Ten Eyck Brewing-Part II

Last week, Ten Eyck Brewing’s Founder and Head Brewer, Nicki Sener, told us about why she chose the Ten Eyck family name for the brewery, her path into brewing, and the steps involved in founding the brewery.

The Ten Eyck brewery and taproom are in a newly constructed building, just a few feet away from the stoplight at Chesapeake College on Route 50 in Queenstown.  The brewing system is equally new, built in Portland, Oregon and the two foeders are also American made.  If you’re not familiar with a foeder, it’s basically a very large wooden barrel where large volumes of beer are conditioned allowing for the wood to have an effect on the flavor of the beer.  Here’s Nicki Sener.

(Nicki Sener, Ten Eyck’s Founder & Head Brewer, talks) 

As we continued to talk, I asked Nicki about the taproom’s design.  She explained that she wanted to make the space comfortable for the different seasons of the year, so she brought glass roll-up doors into the design, allowing for open air seating indoors and outdoors on warm days.  The wall behind the bar features pine wood that’s much like a large, rustic work of art.

(Nicki Sener, Ten Eyck’s Founder & Head Brewer, talks) 

So now that we know about the taproom and the brewery, let’s talk beer!  Nicki’s concept behind the beer selection is based on always having certain styles available, but not having any one beer repeat itself. 

(Nicki Sener, Ten Eyck’s Founder & Head Brewer, talks)

And that was the first beer I had and it was incredible!  Hazy, juicy and spectacular!  I have visited a lot of breweries in their first year of operation and it’s been very rare to find first year beers that taste this good, simply because the brewers are learning about the nuances of their brewing system.  But Nicki nailed “Stay on 50” just as she did with the other beer I had, “May I Make A Suggestion”, a clear, amber and absolutely delicious West Coast IPA.

So now it’s easy for you to decide what to do this weekend!  Make a visit to Ten Eyck Brewing in Queenstown and have a beer in their taproom or get a crowler to go!



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