The Rhythm Surf Monkeys Hope Video For Stanstock

Stan Gibson NEEDS OUR HELP. Stanstock 2020 was canceled due to Corona Virus and the great Charities associated with Stanstock take the hit as well. The Rhythm Surf Monkeys have made a video titled “Hope” and are donating it to Stan Gibson and Vance Van Horn in order to generate funds for these great Charities that Stanstock supports. . RSM has tied its wagon to The Nicole Van Horn Foundation since 2016. We are making a $100.00 donation to the charity. Please any band who has played and or anyone who has attended Stanstock we are asking you to make a donation to any one of the charities that Stanstock so generously works hard for since 2013. A 1000 people were expected to attend the 2 day festival at Riverwatch on Sept 12 and 13 and tickets were priced at $15.00 for a single day pass and $25.00 for a 2 day pass. Please make your donation in the amount of a ticket price. Fifteen dollars from everyone would help these charities during these tough times. Please consider making a contribution at to these charities for the price of the ticket. Lets help Stan and lets help these great causes as well. Bands we donate our time yearly for this event, please consider contributing whatever you can as well please as well. Once again the links to Nicole Van Horn Fund are WWW.NVHFUND.ORG and WWW.CATCHALIFTFUND.COM. Links can also be found at Home page WWW.STANSTOCK.ORG. Donating from the Stanstock page is easy, all the links are there. Hope video was filmed across the East Coast from Yasgur Farm to Alpharetta Georgia, everyone who contributed is in the credits at the end of the video. The song is not a typical song, in terms of Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc. It is mostly a musical piece until the last 40 seconds when vocals come in. RSM members current and old contributed to this piece. Everyone defines Hope their own way and hopefully the music touches folks in their own ways with their definition of hope. Thank you to all for taking time to watch this video and please lets help these great charities out.