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Flood Zone Brewery – Part II

Last week, Flood Zone Brewery’s Keith Waybright shared his journey from home brewer to becoming Head Brewer at this new craft brewery in Union Bridge.  Keith also told us about how the story leading up to Flood Zone’s opening on February 29th this year.  This week, Keith brings us the story of those first days of operation and how things changed because of the coronavirus pandemic, while I enjoy Flood Zone Pilsner, their best selling beer; a beer that Keith describes as his beer for the new craft beer drinker.

(Flood Zone Brewery Head Brewer, Keith Waybright, talks)

Those crowler sales helped develop a regular customer base and gave Flood Zone the chance to find new ways to operate during these very different times.

(Flood Zone Brewery Head Brewer, Keith Waybright, talks)

Next week, Keith and I talk about… and taste… some of Flood Zone Brewery’s other beers.

Until then…



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