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Crack The Sky Two Song Live Zoom Stream

Crack The Sky have poured their fervently beating hearts and razor-sharp creative souls into a fierce manifesto quite aptly titled Tribes, which was mainly recorded at Studio L in Weirton, West Virginia and produced, engineered, and mixed by ace Crack guitarist Rick Witkowski and mastered by longtime band associate R. Lee Townsend at Real Time Studios MD. The 13 tracks that comprise Tribes signify what may very well be Crack The Sky’s finest hour on wax to date. Just witness the breadth of its contents, whether it be the drawn swords of the title track, the warning shots of unrest in “Another Civil War,” the grand irony that permeates “Another Beautiful Day,” the 9-minute protective cocoon that runs amok before returning to tranquility in “Quick,” the skittish out-of-place textures of “Stranger in a Strange Land,” or the horn-driven funky turn of “The Lost Boys,” for starters. Overall, Tribes encapsulates the tenor of our times with style and panache by blending the band’s signature Crack crunch with an intrinsic sense of melody in a way that has made the band die hard fan favorites for decades. Check out two of the songs from Tribes including Tribes and From The Greenhouse here!

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