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CBoTB: Three New Beers from DuClaw!

The story of DuClaw Brewing is a great one.  After more than 20 years of operation, DuClaw reinvented itself in 2017, making radical and wonderful changes in their brewing process resulting in a huge variety of beers that equal the best in class in America.  DuClaw makes really, really good beer.

A few days ago, I received a package from DuClaw here at the radio station and found three relatively new DuClaw beers inside.  So this week, I opened one each day, starting with Tuesday and ending last night. 

On Tuesday, it was Sour Me Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, a 5.5% ABV sour ale with Strawberry puree, Rhubarb puree and lactose.  The beer poured a deep pink color and when I brought the glass to my nose, I picked up a clear, rich strawberry scent.  The first drink revealed strawberry as the dominant flavor with a refreshing tartness on the finish from the rhubarb, a tartness that was softened significantly by the sweetness from the lactose sugar.  This is the kind of Sour that I enjoy: tart without being pucker-sour.  DuClaw’s Sour Me Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is a perfect beer to drink whether you already love Sours or you’ve always wanted to try one.

Wednesday evening, I opened Nordic Swell, a 9% Double IPA made with Norwegian kveik yeast, wildflowers, clove, orange blossom honey and chamomile tea.  After pouring it into a 16 ounce snifter glass, I was looking at a hazy orange beer with a thick, white, creamy head.  As I lifted the glass to take in the aroma of this Double IPA, I picked up strong and pleasurable notes of pine and apple.  The beer has a very soft and full mouthfeel with flavors of pine and cloves.  There’s a sweetness to this beer, a common quality of Double IPAs and undoubtedly comfortably enhanced by the orange blossom honey.  DuClaw’s Nordic Swell is an excellent and adventurous Double IPA!

Last night meant my last DuClaw beer for the week.  DuClaw Brewing has created a series of stouts called The PastryArchy, beers that you could really classify as Dessert Stouts.  This was the second beer I’ve enjoyed in the PastryArchy series: Edition #13, 8.5% ABV, and called Chocolate Dipped Pretzel.  As a good stout should be, this beer is a deep, dark brown with a thick tan head.  As soon as I tasted this beer, I knew I would love every minute of it.

As I took in my first scents, I smelled roasted malts and aromas typical of Imperial Stouts.  Every drink of this beer was smooth and full-bodied with definite chocolate notes, subtle saltiness and roasted malts.  This is another outstanding and delicious beer from DuClaw Brewing! 

With another classic Autumn weekend here, pick up all three and see the tremendous depth and quality of DuClaw beers.



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