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Inside The Locker:Behind The Scenes at America’s Got Talent

By: Donna Jean

Undiscovered talent of all ages, singers, dancers, magicians, comics, musicians, ventriloquists and more, appear before celebrity judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell. Simon was out my night still from his back surgery so SNL’s Kenan Thompson was filling in as I got to go behind the scenes as a Virtual Audience Member! On-Camera Audiences is America’s #1 television studio audience company and the place where I get my tickets to shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. Normally I would be in the audience but of course with everything going on there are no live audiences. Last week was one of the Results shows as the acts were being eliminated and I was in the AGT Virtual Audience.I was told to dress nicely along with other rules regarding clothing and backgrounds. Lights, Camera, Zoom!  As the show went live, we were given direction throughout the two hours by one of the producers. Then a collage of our faces were shown behind the judges as the contestants were being eliminated. We also did a pre-tape with past performer Darby Lynn. Everyone received more direction-“Look straight on to the camera, move your devise away, keep the screen waist up and take a break.” Bathroom time! Most of the time we were told “Applause Applause” and “Keep Clapping” until the shot was finished. It was a lot of fun but I miss the excitement of being in the LIVE audience. Here are a couple screen shots of the night. Watch America’s Got Talent Tuesday and Wednesday nights until the finale.





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