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CBOTB: Farm Breweries

Over the last six years, the Maryland General Assembly has passed a series of laws that have provided opportunities for breweries to increase beer production and expand where and how their beer can be distributed.  These much more friendly beer laws have collectively given brewers the flexibility of deciding the kind of brewery they want to establish and then the opportunity to grow and expand.  We’ve seen breweries start with models where the beer was only available in the brewery taproom and then add in local distribution to liquor stores, bars and restaurants, and then expand again to distributing their beer to other counties. 

Among all the different kinds of breweries in Maryland is one very unique classification: the farm brewery.  Beyond being on a farm, farm breweries must, by law, use Maryland-grown ingredients in their craft beer.  Some Maryland farm breweries are using farm-grown hops and malts, some are adding farm-grown fruits and vegetables and a few are doing both, adding local hops, malts, vegetable and fruit to their beer recipes.

This is a great time of year to visit a farm brewery.  The beauty of a farm in summer is one of the many gifts in life.  And enjoying that beauty while drinking a craft beer… well, it’s special. 

There are eleven farm breweries here in the greater Baltimore area:

  • •Manor Hill Brewing in Ellicott City
  • •Falling Branch Brewery in Street
  • Red Shedman Farm Brewery in Mt. Airy
  • Inverness Brewing in Monkton
  • Waredaca Brewing in Laytonsville
  • Slate Farm Brewery in Whiteford
  • Frey’s Brewing in Mt. Airy
  • Elder Pine Brewing in Gaithersburg
  • Ruhlman Brewery in Hampstead
  • Hopkins Farm Brewery in Havre de Grace
  • Milkhouse Brewing at Stilpoint Farm in Mt. Airy

Farm breweries: a wonderful part of our craft beer world.



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