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Inside The Locker

A Look Into The Baltimore Ravens’ 2020 Season By: Donna Jean

It’s a new football season and it’s going to look a little different this year. Through the next months we will take you “Inside The Locker” of the Baltimore Ravens. “Inside The Locker” takes a look inside and outside of our beloved team as they attempt to tackle the season amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As training camp begins, the rookies and quarterbacks arrived last week for their 3-part COVID-19 testing. Today the veterans arrive for their testing, as training camp attempts to kick-off soon. The players will remain away from the facility as they await their results. And then back at the end of the week on Friday for a third test. Once three negative tests are received the players are allowed back for their physicals. Then they will be fitted for their equipment. So before we really go “Inside The Locker”, we have to get through the tests. Good Luck to all!

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