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CBoTB: Pilsners in Summer!

When I first started drinking craft beer a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there weren’t many available.  At that time, I was drinking imported beer, exclusively, because craft beer—called microbrewed beer then—was really hard to find.  Once I had that first magical moment with a craft beer, I made the jump to hyperspace and landed in the land of craft beer.  Since that moment, almost 100% of the beer that I’ve enjoyed has come from American craft breweries! 

But there’s no doubt that the excellent quality of imported beer helped me to discover the flavor and aroma profiles I love the most.  Before falling in love with craft beer, I first gravitated toward European Pilsners.  Most adhered to the German Purity Law of 1516 stating that beer can only be brewed with barley malt, hops, yeast and water.  The clean, crisp appearance and flavor of Pilsners made them easy to go to any time I was thirsty for a cold brew. 

Now, in the middle of some really intense summertime heat, the idea of drinking a cold, crisp Pilsner is so appealing.  And if you’ve never ventured into the craft beer world, but are curious about why so many people are passionate about craft beer, a Pilsner is a great entry style beer.  If you’re used to drinking domestic lagers, trying a craft brewed Pilsner will allow you to see how rich and interesting beer can be with a flavor profile that you’re already comfortable with.  And if you’re, like me, and living in an IPA zone, pick up a cold Pilsner for a change of pace and enjoy one when you’re cutting the grass or hanging out on the deck this weekend.

Here are a five rich, delicious Pilsners to enjoy when you’re thirsty:

  • From Oskar Blues Brewing, Mama’s Little Yellow Pils
  • Memorial Pils from Full Tilt Brewing
  • From Victory Brewing, Prima Pils
  • Keller Pils from DC Brau
  • And from Manor Hill Brewing, Pilsner

Have a great and safe weekend and enjoy an ice-cold Pilsner!



The Craft Beer Guy


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