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CBoTB: Locally Grown Ingredients

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, I have been unable to visit craft breweries for the last four months.  As a result, we are repeating Craft Beer on The Bay blogs and podcasts from the last six years.  This is Craft Beer on The Bay featuring Tom Barse, Founder and Owner of Milkhouse Brewery from June 23, 2017.

This wonderful growth in the craft brewing industry is because more and more people are discovering the richness in the taste of craft beer.  And that same growth has done more than just give us the chance to enjoy a wide variety of beer, it has been a major boost to our economy.  Empty real estate space is turning into breweries and tap rooms; new construction is taking place; electricians, plumbers, and HVAC companies are being contracted for work; and people are landing all sorts of jobs at breweries.  And, over the last few years, fields of hops, barley, wheat and rye are being grown so that craft brewers can have locally sourced ingredients.

When I met with Milkhouse Brewing’s Tom Barse a couple weeks ago, he spoke passionately about their Green Farmer Pale Ale series, an ale made with Maryland and Pennsylvania hops and malt. He also talked about a brand new beer from Milkhouse.

(Milkhouse Brewing’s Tom Barse talks.)

Local ingredients.  Local beer.  Simply stated, without farms there wouldn’t be beer.  So, here’s to farmers!



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