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Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Zoom Media Session

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh conducted a Zoom Media Session. Here are some notes from the session. Coach Harbaugh spoke about Covid-19 and said there are protocols in place to prevent the spread of infection in the building (the Ravens facility). Testing is the biggest piece. John’s main goal is to keep everyone healthy. Coach feels there is a need to interact and he doesn’t run scared but he will be smart and will respect the protocol. John also mentioned the building has plenty of space and they can spread out. The team is as good as any other team in the league. Sometimes you just have to put things in the hands of God. Coach Harbaugh also believes in America and is optimistic about the current movement and hopes most people look at things that way. He also spoke about the players and comments that they are healthy.  Everyone needs to take care of themselves and do the best they can to protect the team. They are not going to run for cover but emphasizes that he puts safety first and the health of the fans is important. He has a good team and believes that they will play at the highest level. Coach is putting together a Training Camp plan and that is what they are good at. Coach John Harbaugh is confident there will be a season and the entire team can’t wait to get back to football!

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