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CBoTB: Yards Brewing Company

The year was 1994.  I was living in Philadelphia and already well into my craft beer journey and was looking for every craft beer I could find.  The internet was just being born then, so I was reading the morning paper and came across an article about a new brewery starting up in Philly.  It was a small “microbrewery” located in Manayunk, one of Philadelphia’s many neighborhoods.  At that time the term “craft beer” wasn’t yet the standard for identifying smaller batch, breweries.  The name of this start-up “microbrewery”?  Yards Brewing Company.

When I got to work that day, I was talking to one of my fellow staff members about the article and we decided to go visit them.  We jumped in the car, used a map—there were no navigation systems all the way back in 1994—and found the address.  We walked through a small entrance way, taking us from the street to a stone-paved courtyard and there, in front of us, was a small garage with a brewing system and two men working inside.  We walked up to the door, waved as we approached and Yard’s Brewing founders Tom Kehoe and Jon Bovit opened the door.  We stepped inside and were greeted by two great guys and the smell of fresh, craft beer!  We had a great talk about beer, tasted some of their beer and were excited about the idea of another Philadelphia brewery joining Dock Street Brewing in the, then, blossoming craft beer world.

Fifteen years later, I ran into Tom Kehoe at a craft beer festival and told him the same story I just shared with you and he remembered it immediately and laughed with joy thinking about where they were then and where they are now.

Yards Brewing has a wide selection of truly, top-shelf craft beers.  From session beers like Brawler, an English Mild Ale checking in at 4.2% ABV to Gefferson’s Golden Ale, a Strong Golden Ale at 8% ABV… and Stouts, IPAs, Porters, Pale Ales and more, Yards Brewing presents a selection of craft beer where you can close your eyes, grab one, and savor the taste of an excellent craft beer.

So do just that, close your eyes and grab a Yards this weekend and celebrate great craft beer!



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