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CBoTB: Hops Effect on Beer – Part II

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, I am unable to visit breweries.  Subsequently, we are repeating Craft Beer on The Bay blogs and podcasts from the last six years.  This is Craft Beer on The Bay featuring Heavy Seas Brewmaster Chris Leonard from September 9, 2016.

Last week, Heavy Seas Brewmaster and Operations Manager, Chris Leonard, described the importance of finding just the right hops in brewing a truly great craft beer.  The process involves deciding on the types of hops to use—bittering, flavoring, dual purpose and aroma hops—and then selecting the specific variety within each hop type.

I asked Chris Leonard to talk about the range of flavors available from the many varieties of hops.

(Chris Leonard talks)

But from talking to Chris and many other outstanding Maryland brewers, I’ve learned that they all enjoy the adventure.  The development of each craft beer recipe has an element of experimentation: what if we blended these hops?  Or changed the malt this time?  Or if we introduce this strain of yeast?  What if we made a single hop IPA?

This weekend, take a look at the beer you’re drinking and jump online and find out what kind of hops the brewer used to make it taste so good! 



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