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CBoTB: Hops Effect on Beer – Part I

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, I am unable to visit breweries.  Subsequently, we are repeating Craft Beer on The Bay blogs and podcasts from the last six years.  This is Craft Beer on The Bay featuring Heavy Seas Beer from September 2, 2016.

Although most craft beers are made with malted barley, hops, yeast and water, each brewer finds ways to take these four critical ingredients and find unique recipes.  The water, the strain of yeast, the specific grain, and the kind of hops all affect the aroma, flavor and appearance of beer.

I got together with Chris Leonard this week and talked about some of the ways hops affect beer.  Chris is the Brewmaster and Operations Manager at Heavy Seas Beer.

And Warrior and Simcoe are just two of many hop varieties.  Chris, and his fellow brewers across America, are especially excited about brewing possibilities right now!  It’s the time of year when hop growers are harvesting their 2016 crop and this has been a big year, with a 17% increase in plantings over last year and an expected increase in crop yield of about 20%!  More hops for great brewers like Heavy Seas’ Chris Leonard mean more amazing craft beer for you and me!

Next week, Chris will share some of the hop varieties that brewers use and some of the characteristics that each bring to the beer.  Until then, pick up a Loose Cannon and taste the clean bitterness of the Warrior hop and the citrus flavor and aroma of the Simcoe hop that combine to make this such an incredible craft beer.



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