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CBoTB: Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Company

While there are certain practical and legally proper steps that every brewery takes as it prepares to open, how it actually happens is always an interesting story.  I visited Elder Pine Brewing and Blending Company and met with President, George Lin and Head Brewer, Paul Davidson.  Elder Pine is a farm brewery, located in rural Gaithersburg and was founded by two brothers, Andrew and David Young, and two brewers, George Lin and Paul Davidson.  George and Paul had met when they were brewers for Flying Dog.  While working together they began to talk about the idea of starting their own brewery.  George Lin fills us in.

In late 2016, Elder Pine Brewing & Blending broke ground and began building the brewery.  Then, the moment arrived…

The taproom features two hand-painted murals, a wall of whiskey, tequila and red wine barrels–all filled with beer—and ten different craft beers.  I asked Paul Davidson to tell us about some of Elder Pine’s beers.

I’ve had three of Elder Pine’s IPAs and each one was delicious!  But while Paul and I talked, we enjoyed another style of beer that was absolutely fantastic.

It’s the weekend!  Pick up some Elder Pine Brewing & Blending beer for take-out!



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