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Craft Beer on the Bay: Taprooms and Bars Adjust to the Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re all dealing with a lot of changes.  Nothing is the same today as it was yesterday.  And life is radically different from just one month ago.  Every aspect of our economy has been impacted negatively by the coronavirus outbreak.  And each business, including 100.7 The Bay, is looking at ways to respond and find hope and positive direction.

This past Monday at 5pm, Maryland restaurants, bars, pubs and taprooms were all closed to help slow down the spread of COVID-19.  Now, a few days later, with the support of Governor Larry Hogan, these same establishments are able to help all of us enjoy some of the life we celebrated when we spent time in their places.  And, of course, these restaurants, bars and taprooms are looking at ways to provide income to all of their employees. 

This is a wonderful win-win: we get great beer—and food—and these restaurants, bars, and taprooms can keep people employed and can keep serving beer… sort of.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  Many are now offering take-out beer… and yes, take-out food.

There are too many places now providing take-out beer for me to cover, but because Craft Beer on The Bay is all about… craft beer… I wanted to mention a number of breweries that are offering their beers for take-out in cans, crowlers or new growlers.  First up, a few Baltimore breweries and their neighborhoods:

  • Checkerspot Brewing, 1399 South Sharp Street in Federal Hill
  • Waverly Brewing, 1625 Union Avenue in Hamden
  • Oliver Brewing, 4216 Shannon Drive in Parkville
  • Full Tilt Brewing, 5605 York Road in Govans
  • DuClaw Brewing, 8901 Yellow Brick Road in Rosedale

Now several breweries offering take-out beer in towns in the greater Baltimore area:

  • Independent Brewing, 418 North Main Street in Bel Air
  • Jailbreak Brewing, 9445 Washington Boulevard in Laurel
  • Inverness Brewing, at the corner of Monkton & Markoe Roads in Monkton
  • Key Brewing, 2500 Grays Road in Dundalk
  • Slate Farm Brewery, 2128 Whiteford Road in Whiteford
  • Manor Hill Brewing, 4411 Manor Lane in Ellicott City

And there are many more.

Support local business.  Help your fellow man and woman.  Look for the good things in life.  And stay safe and be well.



The Craft Beer Guy


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