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CBoTB: Oliver Brewing-Part II: From Pratt Street to Shannon Drive

Last week, Oliver Brewing’s Steve Jones, filled us in on how he got started in brewing and then, ultimately, became their Head Brewer.  In this Part II of the Oliver Brewing story, Steve tells us about brewing at Oliver’s original site on Pratt Street and then the move to their brewery and taproom on Shannon Drive in Baltimore.

It was at that point that Oliver Brewing’s owners, Justin Dvorkin and Don Kelly, made the decision to refine their operation, going beyond being a brew pub and evolving into a production brewery with distribution to multiple bars, restaurants and liquor stores.  Doing this meant transitioning from the Pratt Street brewery to the new brewery being built on Shannon Drive in Baltimore.

Steve Jones is Oliver’s Brewing’s Head Brewer and now has five on his brewing team including Lead Brewer, Chris Cowell, with Steve and Chris doing most of the brewing.  Oliver is making so many great beers and spending time with Steve Jones always means having one of those delicious beers! 

BMore Hazy is one of the best hazy, juicy IPAs being made anywhere… and we get to drink it at its freshest living here!  Next week, Steve Jones describes three limited release beers in Part III on Oliver Brewing.  Until next week…



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