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CBoTB-Troegs Independent Brewing-Recipe Development

In this part three of our four-part series on Troegs Independent Brewing, Co-Founders, John and Chris Trogner, tell us about their process for developing recipes.

Troeg’s created their 15 Barrel Scratch brewhouse so that, beyond their strong line-up of regular releases, they would have a brewing system for recipe development.  John Trogner explains.

As each beer is being refined, Troegs is also working on a name for this soon-to-be released beer.  Chris Trogner takes us through that process.

And while today Troegs has a team who participate in new beer releases, when Troegs was going through its early years, most of the ideas came from the two brothers talking, dreaming and innovating.  A wonderful example of this is how Mad Elf Ale was created.  Mad Elf Ale is brewed with a Belgian yeast, cherries, and 25,000 pounds of honey from Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Chris, and then, John take us back to 2002 and the story behind Mad Elf Ale.

With the Holidays here and Christmas and New Year’s Eve just days away, pick up some Mad Elf Ale from Troegs and, as John Trogner referenced, celebrate the season with family and friends!

Next week: part four on Troegs Independent Brewing featuring their Splinter beer program for creating sour beers and wild ales.



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