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CBoTB-Troegs Independent Brewing-History Part II

Last week, Troegs Independent Brewing Co-Founders, John and Chris Trogner, told us about the events that led to their decision to open a own brewery.  In part two of this four-part series on Troegs Independent Brewing, Chris and John Trogner take us through the process of finding their first home for Troegs and the expansion they went through as their beers became increasingly popular.

I asked the two brothers about how they found their first location in Harrisburg.  John Trogner fills us in.

The quality of Harrisburg’s water and the nature of the space made Harrisburg the right place for the Trogners to build their brewery.  Then on July 18, 1997, Troegs Pale Ale was the first Troegs beer sold.  Chris Trogner picks up the story.

Since that move eight years ago, the brewery has made a number of additions to their space which, beyond the brewery and the tasting room, now includes the 15 barrel Scratch brewhouse, the new Scratch Lab, an art gallery, and the Barrel Room, where my conversation with John and Chris Trogner took place.  And, while we talked Troegs beer, we also drank some Troegs beer.  John Trogner describes an early tasting of this year’s Nugget Nectar, right out of the fermenter and set for release on December 23rd.

Nugget Nectar is delicious!  And now you know the release date: December 23rd!  Next week, John and Chris share some of their concepts on recipe development and, of course, describe more beers from our tasting session.

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