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I visited Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, Pennsylvania earlier this week and quickly saw that a key component to Troegs success is the teamwork that this talented group of people all believe in.  In this first of a four-part series on Troegs Independent Brewing, we’ll go through the history behind the brewery, then a look at the brewery itself, the process of recipe development and the flavor and aroma profiles of some of Troegs beers.

My visit wrapped up with a great conversation and beer tasting with Troegs Co-Founders, John Trogner and Chris Trogner.  But from the moment I arrived, I sensed a great connection among the staff.  I first met with Jen Adams, Troegs VP of Marketing, who then introduced me to Jeff Herb, Marketing Communications Coordinator, and Christie Yurkovic, Brewery Experience & Tour Supervisor. 

Christie, Jeff and I then headed upstairs through the Troegs Art Gallery, a very cool exhibit of fan art, and started a tour of the brewery.  Christie Yurkovic takes us back to the beginning of Troegs.

Here’s where Troegs Co-Founder and Brewmaster, John Trogner picks up the story.

John then went to work with Oasis Brewing at their production brewery and had the opportunity to learn plumbing, electrical and engineering skills, each critical for running a successful brewery.  While John was working at Oasis, Chris was finishing college and working at an Italian restaurant.  And the two brothers kept talking about brewing beer.  Troegs Co-Founder Chris Trogner takes us back to those days.

John and Chris Trogner then moved back to central Pennsylvania and started writing a business plan for building a brewery.  We’ll hear the he story of establishing their first brewery, its expansion and then the move to their current 100,000 square foot location in Hershey next week, in Part II on Troegs Independent Brewing.

So now that you’re thirsty, pick-up some nice cold Troegs beer this weekend!



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