CBoTB-Independent Brewing’s Funkhouse!

Welcome to the Funkhouse, Independent Brewing’s second—and new—taproom at their Bel Air Brewery.  Independent Brewing’s Founder, Phil Rhudy, and I got together a couple days ago in Independent’s cool new space, just as a few final touches were being taken care of.

The room also features large leather sofas, the word Funkhouse painted in large block letters on the wall behind the bar, a large keg rack stacked with wooden barrels of fermenting beer, fresh beer on tap and a nice selection of bottle aged beers. 

Now… about the name for the new taproom…

Sour beers have not only been a new area to explore for long-time craft beer enthusiasts, they’ve also introduced many new people to the magic of craft beer.

Beyond sours, The Funkhouse features a nice selection of the Independent beers that are available in the main taproom.  Independent Brewing just celebrated it’s 4th Anniversary; four years that have been marked by creativity, community events, an ever evolving space and great beer!  I’ll see you there this weekend!



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