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CBoTB-Crooked Crab Brewing-Tasting Beers

Last week in Part I of this 2-part series on Crooked Crab Brewing, Co-Founder Earl Holman and Head Brewer Adam Osborn each told us about how a love for craft beer led them to being part of this 20-month old brewery in Odenton.

Crooked Crab has five year-round beers, plus a rotating line-up of craft beers.  Earl Holman tells us about their Fall seasonal beer, Straight Out of Odenton.

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Earl Holman talks)

I then asked Adam Osborn and Earl Holman about Crooked Crab’s five flagship beers, starting off with their New England Pale Ale.  Here’s Adam.

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Adam Osborn talks)

Next… Crooked Cream Ale.

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Adam Osborn talks)

Now… Earl Holman on Chuck Brown Ale.

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Earl Holman talks)

I Fought The Claw IPA is another year-round beer for Crooked Crab Brewing.

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Earl Holman talks)

The fifth flagship beer is High Joltage Coffee Stout and is a 5.7% ABV beer brewed with coffee beans from Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company.

Every Crooked Crab beer that I tasted was excellent, a credit to the entire team and to the careful and creative brewing from Adam Osborn.  Like most breweries, Crooked Crab is brewing Sour beers and is currently featuring a guava and passion fruit beer called Punchline.  

(Crooked Crab Brewing’s Adam Osborn talks)

Crooked Crab Brewing is located at 8251 Telegraph Road in Odenton.  Make this weekend special with a visit to the Crooked Crab taproom and taste some magic in a glass!



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