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CBoTB-Crooked Crab Brewing Co.-How It All Started

Crooked Crab Brewing opened in Odenton in February 2018 and is one of Maryland’s best new breweries.  I visited the brewery recently and talked with General Manager, Earl Holman.  Earl, along with fellow Co-Founders Dan Messeca and Alex Josephs, came up with the idea while enjoying a few beers together.

With the team set, Earl, Dan, and Alex needed a home for the brewery.  While exploring locations in Anne Arundel County, they came across a place in Odenton that gave them everything on their check list: the right amount of space, high ceilings, gas, water, parking and lots of homes nearby.  Now they needed a name.

Crooked Crab Brewing hired Adam Osborn as their Head Brewer a few months after they opened.  After graduating with a degree in environmental science, Adam took a series of jobs as a geographer, jobs that ultimately made him realize he wanted to do something else. 

Adam Osborn then applied to UC Davis and was accepted into their Master Brewer’s Program.  After graduating, he took a job with RAR Brewing in Cambridge as a Brewery Assistant, then worked his way up to the lead brewer position. 

As fate would have it, Adam stopped in Crooked Crab Brewing for a beer just when he started thinking about looking for a Head Brewer position.

Crooked Crab Brewing will be one of the more than 60 Maryland breweries at tomorrow’s Baltimore Craft Beer Festival at Canton Waterfront Park.  With so many breweries there, make sure you visit the Crooked Crab tent. 

Next week, Earl Holman and Adam Osborn describe some of the Crooked Crab Brewing beers.  Until then…



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