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CBoTB-Southern Tier Brewing–Developing Recipes

On my visit to the Southern Tier Brewery in Lakewood, New York last month, I had the chance to talk with Head Brewer Jason Hitchcock while taking a tour of the brewery.  Jason spoke about his career and about how Southern Tier develops the recipes for their beers.

Jason Hitchcock grew up in the Lakewood area before going to Geneseo State University and majoring in chemistry.  After school, Jason taught middle school science for several years in New York, Virginia and Colorado.   

Jason then started working at a Colorado brewery, only furthering his passion for craft beer.  He then enrolled at Chicago’s Siebel Institute of Technology, a school that specializes in brewing science.  With the ability to a lot of the course work online, Jason was able to pick up an internship at another Vail, Colorado brewery, starting out washing tank bottoms, scrubbing floors, cleaning kegs and then ultimately working his way up to becoming the main brewer.

R&D, or Research and Development, is a process that’s a blend of creativity and adventure.  Southern Tier has a two barrel pilot system, giving R&D a chance to explore. 

And who comes up with the ideas?

Innovation.  Creativity.  Curiosity.  Adventure.  Quality. 

Southern Tier Brewing.

Celebrate life this weekend and enjoy some Southern Tier craft beer.



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