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Baltimore’s own Johnathon Schaech chats w/Joanna Campbell

Baltimore’s own Johnathon Schaech, ok, Edgewood’s own…aka Jonah Hex from the DC TV Universe, is repping his home town at the 20th Anniversary edition of the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend (October 18-20) at the Baltimore Convention Center.

After spending some time catching up with his Mom & Dad, Johnathon called Joanna Campbell at the 100.7 the Bay studios to catch up on being back home and talk about some of his upcoming projects and charity work.

Joanna and Johnathon bonded over their mutual admiration for former Orioles’ starting catcher and broadcaster Rick Dempsey, and talked about JUST how Baltimore Johnathon really is, including how his dad was a city cop for over 30 years, and how he named his son Camden!  

Listen to the full interview here: 


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